Microcare extends a veritable ensemble of virtualization services where we integrate and offer multiple applications. We know the challenges where each application demands a certain specification of hardware space and offering organic expansion and elasticity is a tough call and a specialty service. Our core team of analysts and experts deploy the best of their abilities to read through the client’s practical requirements, and we provide customized solutions.

We ensure optimum use of infrastructure, inside the physical servers, we create compartments and VMs and allocate speed and memory and cores, and also provide disk space as required.

Core Services

Consolidation and virtualisation functions

Optimising assets

Creating virtual interface infrastructure

End-to-end execution abilities that cover virtualization services along with storage consolidation. Especially server and storage consolidation functions are vital in ensuring optimum server assets, cut down on multiple terminal points and locations, to save costs.

Specialized in server virtualization that bring down the burden on the hardware assets, eventually reducing energy consumption and time

  • Increased efficiency through optimization, thereby boosting profitability and savings
  • Check underuse and overuse thoroughly and regularly
  • Better and faster access to assets, ensuring less or no breakdowns, thus reducing TAT