Data Centre Build

At Microcare, we bring with us an unmatched expertise and experience in designing, installing and maintaining data centres of varied specifications and statures. In line with the dynamics of the industry and the dynamic changes in trends and technologies, Microcare continues to take the leap faster and perfectly, in providing high-end data centre-related infrastructure and services.

While providing quality and seamless power stands out to be the most crucial backbone for operating any data centre, we at Microcare have specialized in installing required equipment, maintaining power conditioning and deftly handling load factor of the racks.

We are also adept in managing and maintaining the ambient temperature, besides constant power cooling and supply

We provide and handle the entire security gamut of a data centre that includes setup and authorization

Core Services


Evaluation and assessment

Relocation and redesign

Data centre monitoring

Power support

Microcare Strengths

Where we are adept at understanding your budget, business volumes and thus achieve design, build, relocate or service

Our core strength lies in infusing exclusive expertise, competencies and technologies to set up or alter the physical setup

We are specialized in effecting effective monitoring services where we take into account the real-time activity, precision-based data interpretation and ability to make impeccable future projections

Micro and macro-level address and attention through proven experts

Evaluation of pre-design, design and management components before execution

Perfect and transparent planning in coordination with the client, so that budgets, timelines and other compliances are in place all through the process


360-degree execution

Consistent servicing that saves times, costs and reduces the incidence of glitches