Think collaboration and think Microcare, because our diverse portfolio encompasses the most exciting collaboration genre, where we provide compatible, high-quality and seamless support in collaboration, be it through audiovisuals or the more sought-after data centre-driven networking.

Core Services

We have a dedicated wing to oversee and execute collaborative functions and set up requisite backup.

As we deploy appropriate solutions, we deliver spotlessly the following services:

  • Visualizing and installing and maintaining collaboration touchpoints: from videos to IP phones, desktops to mobiles, we extensively create and structure your communication flow and improve convenience and experience for the end-user
  • Seamless conferencing and messaging
  • Create spaces where technology meets ideas, people are integrated perfectly through virtual and remote arenas
  • Ability to visualize your needs and match them according to your budget
  • Strong technological bent and domain expertise that keeps us updated for your sake
  • Adept at planning end-to-end services line and value chain
  • Keep updated and explore modern interfaces and collaboration tools under expert installation and supervision
  • Saves your time and enhances efficiency and output
  • Set a distinct brand image for the company as a dynamically connected business