Microcare is renowned for providing topnotch networking facilities that are crucial in running the business communication, and form the indispensable heart and soul of any operations, anywhere. Over the years, we have mastered the art of gauging the customer’s requirements and forecasting with respect to changing trends and growing needs. We have thus evolved into a comprehensive networking partner with many a business, from big ticket corporates to retail houses, to present the range.

Core Services

Microcare provides a broad repertoire of installation, maintenance and advisory services in Basic wide network

Provide wide and wireless services

Software defined networks

Cabling services

Video, IP based solutions

Bandwidth management and optimizing

Microcare over the years has mastered the competencies to deliver a wide gamut of networking solutions:

Specialists discharging comprehensive network solutions including integration, management, communications and backend operations

Special strength in conducting vulnerability assessment tests

Seamless network integration through our expert surveillance and solutions brings in efficiency into your operations

Cost-efficiency owing to our package of deliverables for you