Computing services

Microcare provides a wide line of computing services including building and delivering platforms, server instance and storage infrastructure, to name a few. We offer niche services in developing APIs for migration, offer cost-efficiency, and easy optimization

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) …
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) …
  • Software as a Service (Sa) …

Core Services

Advisory and analysis


Creating strong security and networking platforms

  • Across the world, Iaas is on a massive growth path and requires precision and innovative approach to deliver solutions in this fold. As a key computing services provider, Microcare is well-poised to extend a thorough and trusted advisory functions to determine the right service provider according to the work volumes, define the matching approach, and execute a cost-efficient budget.
  • We are known to harness the available cloud inventory and work out high-performance and scalable and sustainable computing solutions.
  • Make your setup scalable, sustainable and profitable, driven by our abilities
  • Flexible and automated solutions that streamline processes and applications
  • Leave the computing to us, while you concentrate on the core business outcomes