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We have designed and deployed many IT infrastructure projects in the past two decades. Some of the latest deployments follow for quick reference .


  • Customer was looking for a solution for ERP production environment.
  • Solution Designed & Deployed by Microcare is as follows
  • HP Super Dome2 production servers-2nos, HP rx2800 web dispatcher servers-2 nos, X86 based production servers-BL 46xc G8-3nos.
  • HP P6350 Storage with 121 nos. 900 GB SAS HDDs.
  • HP 8/40 SAN switch with 40 nos. ports enabled.
  • HP MSL 4048 Tape Library with 2 nos. LTO Drives
  • HP DP Software.
  • HP 5800 series Core switches etc.,

Govt. AP Finance Dept.:
  • For their Comprehensive Financial Management Solution (CFMS Project)
  • Microcare as a consortium member Designed & Deployed the following solution
  • HP Super Dome servers-5 nos.
  • HP DL 980 8 processor servers-27 nos.
  • HP 3 PAR storage-3 nos.
  • SAN Switches
  • 2000 Desktops
  • 800 Laser printers etc.,

APCPCDL & APEPCDL : For their ERP project
  • Microcare designed & deployed the following
  • Data Centre IT infra consisting of Business Critical Servers, Storage,
  • Back up solution,
  • KVM switches
  • SAN Switches etc.,
  • Including Data Centre Build consisting of Room preparation, Precession Air cooling systems, Power conditioning equipment for maximum availability and business continuity

APSRTC: As a consortium member we have designed and deployed the following
  • Solution consisting of HP Application servers, Blade chassis with Web, Mail, Reporting, GIS,GSM/GPRS Blade servers, HP Database servers, KVM Console, SAN Storage, Switches, Tape Library, VM ware-V sphere, V center etc.,