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Protecting the business-critical data in your physical, virtual, application and cloud environments is fast, easy and cost-effective with our unrivaled software solutions. Back up and recover any object from complete systems down to individual files with our vast portfolio. The superior scalability and broad platform support of our solutions allow you to simplify data protection, minimize risk and get your systems up and running faster. Henceforth you can rely on Microcare for a complete backup and recovery solution that reduces both upfront and ongoing administration costs.

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  • Backup, Recovery and Archive Solutions
  • The truth is that information protection, retention, and analytics "done well" can actually deliver added value to the business through better insight, operational efficiencies, and even organizational improvements.

  • By analyzing and understanding customer environment, we design and provide complete solution for File, Email and Database Backup and Archiving requirements, based on innovative technologies & practices like effective utilization of Tiered Storage, Reliable and State of the Art products and services from HP that help customers improve their backup and archive environment.
  • Awarded Best Channel Partner(south) and Up country for the past 8 years
  • HP backup, recovery, and archiving(BuRA) products, including HP StorOnce Backup systems, HP Data Protector software, and HP StoreAllStorage archiving systems .